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Our story

Our Fresh Start…

Here are our Cooks, Who provide your children with their yummy lunch time meals, On their very first - of many - Chef training days with our top notch supporters at Fresh Direct, Today they are putting together dishes for our delicious new summer menu

Here are our cooks, who provide your children with their yummy lunch time meals, on one of their many chef training days with our top notch supporters at Fresh Direct.

Fresh Start was founded in 2007 with a vision to provide primary school children with better food that was healthy, fresh and nutritious. This vision was made a reality when we were given the opportunity to cater at Dr Radcliffe’s Primary School in Steeple Aston – providing lunches five days a week for up to 150 children.
Since then, we’ve spent 7 years developing and perfecting the food service at Dr Radcliffe’s, working towards creating a realistic and achievable catering model that delivers the right standard of food for primary schools, yet remains economical for parents. Whilst we were working hard on this, the percentage of pupils signing up for school dinners at Dr Radcliffe’s increased from 40% to 70% – surely a sign of success!

Nowadays, off the back of our reputation for high standards, we cater to many primary schools in and around Oxfordshire, providing nutritious, freshly prepared meals every day making sure your little ones are kept healthy and happy – which makes us happy!

Our food…

fruit platter pictureOur school dinners are designed to offer the children something tasty and exciting, as well as being healthy, fresh and nutritious. The variety we offer the children is also essential. We offer a three-week rolling menu, with three different main dishes on offer every day – including both meat and vegetarian options. These menus are refreshed every term, so there’s always bound to be something fresh and exciting for the kids to enjoy. Special dietary requirements are not a problem either – whether gluten free, wheat free or vegan – just ask and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

We don’t skimp on the extras either! There’s always a delicious dessert on offer, as well as unlimited access to the salad bar, fresh fruit, organic yoghurt and fresh, homemade bread baked in the school kitchens every day.

Our Ethos…

salad bar pictureWe’re big believers that with food, you get out what you put in. By using locally sourced produce as much as possible, as well as prioritising products that are in season and at their freshest, we ensure that only the best is going into our meals!

Through our food, we hope to not only provide our schools with a dramatically better set of menus, but also educate young children on the importance of healthy eating and quality food through the experience the children have at lunchtime – in other words, tasting and understanding the difference.